Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I download my tracks to my iPhone, iPod or other MP3 player?

A: Yes!​ Within minutes of placing your order, you can be in a blissful state of  meditation! Our instantly downloadable sessions are the highest quality MP3  files possible. You can also enjoy your InnaPeace files on our free  complimentary “Brainwave Player” APP ​(Available for Android and iOS  smartphones and tablets)​. Ask your InnaPeace Certified Coach to help!

Q: What if I need help or if I have more questions?

A: ​When you purchase the InnaPeace program, you are not just buying the  technology, you are investing in a comprehensive, transformational  self-improvement program. Our friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate  support coaches are here for you, to guide you on your journey of awakening  to your infinite potential. Spreading enlightenment is our mission, and every  customer is treated like a treasured friend. If you look through our FAQ and  don’t see the answer to your question, help from our expert support coaches is  just an email away! We firmly believe that there are no silly questions. In fact,  we encourage you to contact us for tips on meditation, the personal growth  journey and technical questions. We remember what it was like to stand  where you are now, on the brink of an exciting adventure, full of questions.  Contact your InnaPeace certified coach (the person who introduced you) or  contact our in-house coaches here anytime: ​coaches@innapeace.com

Q: Is InnaPeace only a meditation tool or is it something more?

A:​ Meditation is the primary focus of the InnaPeace program, although its  benefits go beyond a deeper, more meaningful meditation experience. We  have put a lot of thought into how meditation affects your life on all levels:  mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

With each month’s InnaPeace track, we provide guidance for your personal growth journey. The principles we teach centre around developing mastery of  the mind, including the ability to banish stress; and these skills will positively  influence all areas of your life.

The deeper you progress in the program, the more you will notice that the  effects multiply and not just add up. As one element of your life improves, it  positively affects another; and improvement in that area supports growth in  yet another... and so on.

InnaPeace supports your personal and spiritual growth in the way that you  want it to. If you need to decrease stress, gain a deeper spiritual connection,  explore the hidden depths of the subconscious, or just spend time in quiet,  blissful relaxation, InnaPeace is the one tool you need to open those doors of  self-discovery where your own truth is found.      

Q: Does InnaPeace work for anyone?

A: Yes!​ The principles of universal energy are the same, with different names  (Universal Energy, Source, Consciousness, etc.); and it is our aim to help you  learn to consciously use this energy for the betterment of your life, so that you  can share your talents (which may still be in hiding, but about to be  uncovered) and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Ultimately, InnaPeace is about uncovering the ultimate You so that you can  live life to the fullest, at your peak potential, happy and stress-free. It is our  goal to make this happen for you, and we’re here to support you, every step of  the way!

As InnaPeace was being developed, we were inspired by a famous quote by  Michelangelo: “​I saw an angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.​”  This quote really resonated with us as the basis of our philosophy. We are here  to help you uncover the real You, encased in a thick block of limiting beliefs,  past conditioning, pain, fears and worries. And once your “angel” is freed, you  become free to live the life you want! You are both the angel within the block  of marble, as well as the sculptor doing the carving. This is a fascinating and  wonderful journey of self-discovery - and we are honoured and thrilled to help  you achieve this personal liberation!

Q: Can InnaPeace help me manifest the life I desire?

A: ​Yes, it can! Your circumstances and your life experience are products of your  way of thinking - specifically, your past conditioning (or programming). Your  beliefs cause you to think a certain way; this in turn causes you to act a certain  way; and you will experience very predictable results. So if you look around at  what you’ve created so far - mostly unconsciously - you can see that if you’re  unhappy with your circumstances, you need to change some underlying  beliefs.

This is nothing new. For thousands of years, the great spiritual teachers have  taught about the power of thoughts: “​The mind is everything. What you think,  you become.​” - the Buddha. They also taught the ability to change those  thoughts in order to change your reality: “​When I let go of what I am, I  become what I might be.”​ - Lao Tzu.

If your daily train of thought centres on worry, fear, regret, anxiety, depression,  anger, guilt and other negative energies, you will unconsciously attract more  of the same, and unconsciously create more of the same, too. The quickest  way to make meaningful positive change is to master the mind and change  those thoughts to thoughts that serve you instead of hold you back.

Once you develop the ability to master your mind and create new beliefs -  through meditation, awareness and consistent practice - you will have the  ability to create your life experience on your own terms. InnaPeace accelerates  this process of self-mastery, both with the brainwave technology and our  wealth of supporting materials. Imagine the results in your health, wealth,  relationships, career and your greatest dreams!

Q: What is InnaPeace audio technology?

A: ​InnaPeace is a brainwave entrainment technology that uses a combination  of binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones and a 60bpm heart  rhythm to create precision-engineered target frequencies that the brain safely  and effortlessly “follows” into a state of deep, pleasurable and relaxing  meditation.

InnaPeace also uses natural sounds of rain fall and Tibetan Singing Bowls,  which is immediately pleasing and soothing and aids in deep relaxation.

Traditional meditation techniques such as breath-focus can sometimes make it challenging to stay in deep meditation because of external and internal  distractions. That is the biggest challenge people face when meditating. It’s  too easy for the brain to return to the active/alert Beta brainwave state.

InnaPeace gently and effectively creates synchronisation with the audio’s  alpha, theta, or delta frequency, without any effort on the part of the listener.

The most profound personal growth transformations happen in deep  meditation, away from the censorship of the thinking mind. In this way,  InnaPeace can greatly accelerate your personal and spiritual growth.

Q: What is brainwave entrainment?

A: ​Brainwave entrainment is a safe, proven method of entraining or  synchronising one’s brainwaves to a specific target frequency. This means that  you can deliberately take your mind out of the frenzied, stress-prone normal  operating mode (Beta) to a calmer state of mind (Alpha, Theta, & Delta) that  allows for clearer thinking, deep introspection, as well as enhanced intuition.

How does it work? Consistent, pure audio frequencies will, within minutes,  cause the brain’s frequencies to match the stimulus. If a tuning fork is struck  and it is brought close to a musical instrument, the strings on the musical  instrument will begin to vibrate at the same frequency. In this case, the  technology is the tuning fork, and the brain is the musical instrument. This is  called the “frequency following” response.

This concept is nothing new. Ancient civilisations have used the hypnotic  effects of rhythmic chanting and drumming to elicit a trance-like state. In the  case of the InnaPeace meditation program, the frequencies used are those  found in the brain during meditation. The brain naturally produces these  same frequencies; InnaPeace’s rich, soothing soundscapes and precisely  engineered audio tones guide, or entrain, the brain to the desired state of  meditation.

Q: What is the main benefit of brainwave entrainment?

A: ​The focus of brainwave entrainment is twofold:
One, brainwave entrainment puts the brain into a slower, calmer state of  activity that is free of internal distractions, so you can do the personal growth work you want to do - or simply enjoy profoundly deep meditation. Traditional  meditation is extremely difficult to master, and you may not reap its many  benefits for years or decades. But the InnaPeace technology accelerates your  personal growth by giving you a consistent, deep meditative experience every  time. It is convenient, enjoyable, easy and can be used by anyone from  beginners to highly advanced meditators.

Two, brainwave entrainment synchronises the two brain hemispheres. This  whole-brain genius thinking​ results in a greater use of your brain’s amazing  capabilities. The InnaPeace brainwave technology allows your brain to ​work  smarter, not harder​.

You can think of brainwave entrainment as a personal trainer for your brain.  The InnaPeace technology will accelerate your personal growth beyond your  greatest expectations.

In just a few short minutes you’ll access the brainwave states where the most  profound personal growth can happen. You’ll learn to see the world from  many different perspectives and forever banish your automatic stress  response.

This amazing clarity of thinking and peak performance involves synchronising  the two brain hemispheres, resulting in whole-brain genius thinking that will -  without a doubt - allow you to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

The benefits of synchronising your brain hemispheres using the InnaPeace  technology include:

  • sharper, faster, whole-brain thinking
  • improved memory recall
  • Enhanced creativity (you’ll be astounded at how ideas just come to you  “out of the blue”!)
  • ability to think outside of your box
  • ability to focus and stay focused
  • faster, more thorough learning
  • ability to create outside of the perceived limitations of “normal” thinking
  • greatly improved problem-solving skills
  • ability to respond instead of react
  • ability to choose to focus on supportive thoughts
  • ability to experience emotions without allowing them to rule you
  • emotional mastery leading to improved relationships
  • ability to understand why you see things the way you do; and the ability to choose and create a different belief system

Important: InnaPeace won’t fix any problems you may be having in your life -  only you can do that​. However, InnaPeace is an extremely effective, powerful  tool that helps you enter and stay in the meditative state where you can do  the personal growth work necessary to solve mental, emotional, spiritual or  physical problems. Meditation gives you the tools and inner strength to make  positive change in your life.

You get the benefits of deep meditation, and you are supported every step of  the way. Our supporting materials and coaches help you on your journey  whenever you need them. You are your own best teacher, and meditation  with InnaPeace will give you the key to unlocking your inner wisdom.

Q: Is brainwave entrainment technology safe?

A: ​Yes, brainwave entrainment is safe for the general population. The  InnaPeace technology encourages what the brain does naturally; to  synchronise its dominant brainwave activity with external stimuli. It has been  used for nearly a century using strobe lights and/or sound to treat various  psychological and physiological disorders. ​However, because of the  pulsating nature of the tones, individuals who have epilepsy or are prone  to seizures, are pregnant or wear pacemakers should NOT use the  technology. ​If you have any doubts, please consult with a qualified medical  professional about your personal situation.

Q: Brainwave entrainment isn’t real meditation! Isn’t this cheating?

A: ​No. Brainwave entrainment is not meditation. It is the tool used to push the  brain​ ​into ​meditation. Purists may argue that meditation should not require  technology - and we agree! You don’t ​need​ technology in order to meditate. It  is a personal choice.

Most people want to experience growth by any means available. Although  many experienced meditators prefer to sit in the lotus position and focus their  attention on their breath, ​most meditators use some sort of assistance to  get into meditation​ - some use music, other chant mantras or listen to  guided meditation. These are also just tools to help you enter the meditative  state. So there is nothing wrong with using sound to help you meditate...  which is what brainwave entrainment is: pulsating, repetitive sound! The technology takes away the pressure of possibly not being able to get into  deep meditation, and it puts you into meditation consistently, so it delivers  meaningful results in a fraction of the time. The advanced meditation skills  such as intense focus, a quiet mind and mental, physical and emotional  mastery can all be developed once you’re in meditation. Brainwave  entrainment just makes it easier to get to that state. Eventually you’ll probably  be able to meditate very quickly by putting yourself into the alpha or theta  brainwave state on demand. But until then, the InnaPeace technology will  teach your brain to go there with no struggle or frustration on your part.

The reality is that many people shy away from traditional meditation because  it requires discipline and training, a hefty time commitment and lots of  practice. Even the Dalai Lama has said that if there were an easier way to  achieve enlightenment, he would do it, and so if InnaPeace offers people a  gateway into meditation, we believe it’s a highly beneficial thing. With  practice, many InnaPeace members become very adept at meditating  without the help of the technology - but it’s nice to know that it’s there, to  facilitate the journey.

If an individual feels that audio technology somehow nullifies or cheapens  their spiritual journey, they have the choice not to utilise it. Ultimately, there is  not ​one​ path to personal or spiritual growth or enlightenment and if using  technology to help you along makes sense to you, then it is absolutely right for  you. It’s the journey, not the car you drive.

Q: I’ve heard brainwave entrainment doesn’t work as an MP3. Is this true?

A: ​No. The InnaPeace technology is perfectly effective in an MP3 format. Many  lesser-quality 128kbs MP3s are formatted with fairly high “compression,” which  is not compression at all but “trimming” of the high and low tones to decrease  the file size. This is not the case with InnaPeace, which uses only  better-than-CD-quality 320kbs, allowing for the complete range of tones. This  is the reason the InnaPeace demo track is less powerful than the main  program tracks.

Q: What if my hearing isn’t great?

A: ​The science of cymatics shows we “listen” with more than just our ears. The  beauty of InnaPeace is that the entrainment frequencies are sensed by the  entire body, not just the ears! This is called whole-body listening. If your hearing is impaired, you can play the tracks on open speakers, without  headphones and receive the same benefits because your entire body will  actually begin to resonate with the entrainment frequencies.

People who suffer from Tinnitus (persistent ringing in the ears) can also use  InnaPeace. Entrainment frequencies are so low as to not be “heard” by the ear,  so the higher pitch of Tinnitus doesn’t affect the entrainment waves.

Since InnaPeace can be listened to over open speakers (not limited to  headphones), the entrainment happens in a whole-body way, as the entire  body begins to resonate with the entrainment frequency.

Just as a tuning fork causes the musical instrument to resonate, the  InnaPeace audio sessions cause a similar effect in the body: your body will  resonate with the audio even if you are completely deaf.

Q: If I don’t hear the entrainment waves, does that mean they’re not  working?

A: ​No. Some people hear the entrainment “pulses” or rhythms, and some do  not. We recommend that you listen to the tracks at a moderate to low volume,  so that you help create an atmosphere of relaxation.

At the lower volumes, it can be difficult to hear the entrainment frequencies,  but the brain picks them up nonetheless. As to whether you enjoy hearing  them, that’s personal preference.

If you find the tones distracting, it may be helpful to assign a visual to them -  such as the fluttering of bird wings - which help integrate them into the visual  you associate with the soundtrack and make it seem a natural part of the  experience.

Q: What is whole-brain thinking and how does entrainment help achieve  it?

A: ​One of the most wonderful benefits of the InnaPeace technology is the  synchronisation and improved communication that will take place between  the brain’s hemispheres. Both brain hemispheres entrain to the audio  stimulus, and thus begin working together seamlessly.

The greatest advances in human technological innovation have come about  as a result of whole-brain thinking. Whole-brain thinking lets you see the  world through the “eyes” of the whole brain and not just the typical left-brain  way which is dependent on the physical senses, logic, time and space.

When you incorporate right-brain thinking, you become able to think outside  the box, to approach complex problems with an attitude of infinite possibility  rather than limitations. The greatest thinkers in human history used their  whole brain. Where logic said humans could never take to the skies,  out-of-the-box thinking said, “we can fly.” Where the senses say objects are  solid, whole-brain thinking says everything is energy. Both of these required  thinking that was not bound by the “obvious.”

In contrast to the more common “seeing is believing”, whole-brain thinking  can be summarised as “believing is seeing.” When you integrate the “out  there” ideas of the right-brain with the logic of the left-brain, you have genius  thinking.

Q: What if I fall asleep?

what if i fall asleep

A: ​That’s perfectly fine & normal! Recently, neuroscientists have discovered  that what we sometimes perceive to be “sleep” is in fact extremely deep  meditation! So chances are good that you’re not really sleeping while listening  to InnaPeace; you have just gone  sodeep into meditation that you have  no awareness of the outside world, and  when you come out of meditation you  perceive to have been asleep.

But if you actually do fall asleep, it’s  okay. Many people don’t get adequate  or quality sleep as a result of high stress  levels. Often, chronic stress becomes so  “normal” that it goes unnoticed; poor  sleep patterns and compromised  health are two sure signs of chronic stress.

If that is familiar to you, your stress level is high, and you’ve just become used  to it. When you listen to InnaPeace, you are (finally!) able to relax completely,  and may fall asleep.

Your body needs this, and your brain does too, so enjoy the much-needed rest.  Over time, as the stress begins to dissipate from your system, you will sleep  more soundly at night, be more alert and energised during the day, and stay  awake during meditation.

If it’s important for you to experience the meditation while awake (so that you  can monitor your thoughts, etc.), then we recommend you meditate  according to your biorhythms. Choose a time to meditate when you naturally  have high energy, but not too high so you find it difficult to sit still. You can  also do a shorter meditation of 10 minutes several times throughout the day, if  30 minutes tends to put you to sleep.

Q: What is the biggest benefit of meditation?

A: ​Stress reduction is the reason most people turn to meditation. However,  meditation is an ancient self-mastery discipline first and foremost, and it is  through self-mastery that stress will automatically dissipate. The ability to  remain calm, to operate as the eye of the storm instead of being blown about  by life’s events, is essential to your ability to achieve your goals and live a  happy life.

Stress, it must be noted, is not all bad. Some stress is good in that it serves to  motivate us. But in today’s high-pressure world, we aren’t always successful in  managing stress or allowing for enough physical activity that lets the stress  hormones dissipate from the body. Ideally, it goes like this: something causes  a fight-or-flight response; you spring into action and “burn off” that rush of  energy; and then you return to a calm state. However, most modern stress is  emotional in nature and it’s difficult to take physical action required to release  that stress. And so the stress builds up in the form of unreleased stress  hormones which then start to adversely affect the body and can actually  impair cognitive functioning as well.

For many people, meditation is an integral part of their spiritual lives; and no  matter your religious or spiritual persuasion (if any), meditation can help  balance your life, give you a way to see the world with “new eyes” and create a  heightened sense of oneness with all that is.

For some, the journey toward enlightenment is paramount. Many people go  through life completely unaware, or unconscious, of their energetic nature or  to the fact that their lives are dictated by their past conditioning - and that  they have the ability to change that programming.

Whatever meditation means to you, is absolutely correct for you. Just as there  is not one path in life that we all follow, there is not one path to achieving  what you desire out of life.

We can’t stress enough the importance of meditating in a way that is  meaningful to you. That is why our guiding principle is that “there is no  ‘should’ in the InnaPeace program” (except that we insist you do not drive or  do anything that requires your full attention, while listening!).

Q: What can meditation with InnaPeace do for me?

A: ​The ability to master the mind is central to all meditation practices.  InnaPeace is an effortless way to enter the deep meditative state where you  can train your mind to act as your servant instead of your master… and the  time you spend in self-discovery and self-awareness will have lasting and  profound benefits.

Essentially, meditation is a state where the mind is awake and alert (yet  relaxed) and the body is very deeply relaxed, much as it is during sleep. This is  commonly known as “mind awake, body asleep.” As you enter deep  meditation, your body relaxes; heart rate and breathing slow dramatically (the  whole body seems to give a sigh of relief, sometimes!).

As your brain relaxes, the frequency of thoughts slows, and you are better able  to monitor them and decide whether to allow them and their accompanying  emotions to pass by or become engaged in them. Letting thoughts go is the  ultimate in self-mastery. InnaPeace assists you through the mental mastery  process, step-by-step, in the supporting materials that accompany each  month’s tracks.

Since stress is the #1 reason people’s lives are not ideal, stress relief is one of  the main benefits of InnaPeace. Reduced stress leads to clearer thinking,  better decision-making, ability to control emotions, improved  problem-solving, better health (including weight loss), better sleep, a sense of  control and equilibrium... among many more benefits.

And you don’t have to master any meditation skills such as focusing your  attention or silencing the mind. The technology does that for you, leaving you  free to explore the “universe within” in a fraction of the time it takes in a  traditional meditation practice.

We are being flooded with amazing success stories and personal triumphs  that came about as a result of meditating with InnaPeace. (See: InnaPeace  Success Stories doc)

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that meditation develops the ability  to use your brain in a holistic, synchronised way, and whatever your personal  transformations will be, they come as a result of this improvement in brain  function.

People have experienced remarkable growth and improvements in:

  • stress levels
  • relationships
  • self-confidence
  • spiritual growth and awakening
  • happiness
  • sleep
  • creativity, IQ and emotional intelligence
  • health
  • wisdom and compassion
  • inner peace
  • …. and much more. There are literally hundreds of benefits you gain from  meditating!

You are a unique individual and your experiences and progress will be unique  as well - however, to give you a general idea of what you might expect, the  overview section lists program highlights for each stage of the program,  based on the experiences of thousands of other users. We always welcome  feedback on how the technology works for you and your InnaPeace  experience as a whole!

Q: Do I need headphones?

A: ​You don’t need headphones; they are optional. The InnaPeace brainwave  technology is effective over open speakers or through headphones. For  maximum benefits and the best experience, we recommend that you  alternate listening with and without headphones. Listening with headphones  will help you tune out external distractions better, while listening over open  speakers will give you the freedom to meditate anywhere you wish.

If you do use headphones, we recommend quality stereo headphones that  don’t distort the audio and fit comfortably. Some people prefer over-the-ear  pilot-style headphones while others like earbuds. Headphones need not be  expensive as long as they offer good audio quality and comfort, they are  perfectly fine. But remember, headphones are not required; this is purely a  personal choice!

It’s important to use audio equipment that does not have bass boosters or  graphic equalizers switched ON, as these filters can make the tracks  ineffective.

Q: Do I have to sit in the lotus position on the hard ground with my eyes  closed?

A: ​No! Listening to the soothing and pleasant sounds of Nature and Tibetan  Singing Bowls in an organically “right for you” way, is the correct way to go.  You can sit in the traditional lotus, recline on a sofa, walk, or do yoga, if you like.  Your eyes can be open, or closed. Whatever feels right for you on any given  day, is right for you! The flexibility of not being tied down to headphones - but  having the option to use them - makes for a unique and personal meditation  experience.

Q: Can I do other things while I listen?

A: ​If something requires your attention, the answer is ​no​. Walking or yoga are  fine since they are both meditative activities anyway, but ​avoid any activity  that causes your brain to stay in the Beta state - do not work, use the  computer, talk or read.

Please DO NOT drive or operate machinery
while you are using the program.

Some of the bonus tracks are meant to be listened to while working, studying,  creating or relaxing; but ​save the main InnaPeace tracks for a dedicated  meditation practice​ ​where your brain is allowed to relax into the program  without constantly being pulled away. This way you’ll reap the greatest  benefits in the shortest amount of time possible!

Q: How will I fit this in to my busy schedule?

A: ​You will be pleasantly surprised at how little time it takes to meditate with  InnaPeace. Since you’re not tied down to any location, you can fit meditation  into the busiest life: the daily InnaPeace sessions are only 30 minutes long,  and if you’re really strapped for time, you can set your timer for 10 minutes and  still reap some benefits. And, the amazing Tesla Terra Tone, just 10 minutes  long, is an exceptional meditative experience.

The truly remarkable thing is that the more you meditate, the more you can  accomplish without that crushing sense of overwhelm. The clearer your  thinking becomes the faster you can solve life’s daily problems, and take  action instead of “think about taking action” (procrastinating). As a result your  life will start to run more smoothly and efficiently, and you’ll make great  progress on your goals.

We recommend a daily practice for best results. But don’t add to your stress if  it’s just not going to happen for a day or two or three. Just return to your  practice when you can, and if you stay committed to this wonderful “me time”  you’ll find that it will have a positive impact on all areas of your life.

Q: I’m new to meditation. What do I have to learn?

A: ​There are no techniques to master, no mantras to memorise. Beginners  often struggle with a mind that simply won’t be quiet, and the mental chatter  overwhelms their ability to relax or focus - making it almost impossible to  enter a deep meditative state.

The InnaPeace audio technology does the work for you - all you have to do is  press PLAY and relax into the soundtrack. Over time, you will naturally develop  the advanced meditation skills that give you complete mastery of your mind -  and we help you along in this process with our comprehensive support  coaching and the inspirational, transformational documentation you’ll receive  each month throughout the program.       Q: I’m an experienced meditator. How can this help me?    A: ​You’ll be able to reach the meditative state faster, and stay there longer.  Your practice will become more consistent and more meaningful as you will 
Frequently Asked Questions about InnaPeace - V1

be free to focus your energies on the specifics of your spiritual and personal  growth. You can build on your previous experiences, develop greater insight  and clarity on the more hidden aspects of yourself, and reach ever-higher  levels of awakening when you incorporate InnaPeace into your practice.

Q: How long does the InnaPeace program take?

A: ​The InnaPeace experience is an initial eight-month journey of progressively  deeper levels of meditation. Each month brings a deeper, more powerful  entrainment track designed to optimise your brain’s evolution and your  personal growth experience.

At the conclusion of the 8-month period, members are invited to continue  their journey by going into the deeper levels of InnaPeace, where they expand  on the progress they’ve already made.

Continuing with the further deeper levels of the program is optional. Most  InnaPeace members experience such significant results that they want to  continue their meditation practice at an even more advanced level.

Q: What if I want to proceed faster or slower than the recommended  timeline?

A: ​There is no “should” with InnaPeace. Although the program is designed to  progress in a way that gives your brain ample time to accustom itself to a  particular entrainment frequency and time to experience the resulting  growth, some InnaPeace members prefer to go at a slower pace.

If this works for you, that’s just fine! If you follow your own timeline, you’ll know  when it’s time to move up to the next level when you become very  comfortable with the track and you’re feeling that it has lost its effectiveness.  It hasn’t lost its effectiveness, but your brain has evolved.

When it comes to wanting to go faster, that’s a product of our  immediate-gratification society. Meditation, self-mastery, and enlightenment  are not a race. It’s the process that is important, not the arrival - in fact, the  practice of non-attachment is a core lesson within the InnaPeace program.

We have studied the effects of meditation and entrainment on the brain, and  this is why each step of InnaPeace is unlocked at a specific time: to give your brain the chance to adapt and evolve. There are physical changes happening  in the brain that must be given a chance.

Your brain is being exercised in meditation, just like your muscles are  exercised in the gym. When you exercise your muscles, you feel the effects in  the beginning; but as they strengthen, the workload becomes easier until it  feels almost too easy; at that point, you’re ready to move up.

When your brain has gotten used to a particular InnaPeace step, you will  naturally want to progress to a deeper step. On average, this takes about 30  days; so if you feel the urge to jump ahead, this is a great opportunity to  practice patience and self-mastery.

Q: Does InnaPeace use subliminal affirmations?

A: ​No. We take a different approach: we encourage you to take full control of  your daily meditation, meaning that some days naturally lend themselves to  absolute silence; others to silently repeating affirmations or mantras; some  days are better spent visualising or self-observation; others are perfect for  radiating loving energy, and others for “blissing out” or listening to intuitive  guidance.

With you in control, we feel it’s best that you also control when and how you  use affirmations to further your personal growth.

You’re evolving all the time, and your affirmations should too. Your  affirmations will change over time based on your level of resistance to  changing certain beliefs, and this is entirely on your schedule as an individual.

Some beliefs can be changed in a matter of seconds, and others are more  resistant to change meaning you may need to retrain your thought habits in  that area over the course of several months. With you in charge 100% of the  time, you can progress at your own pace and adapt to your current and  emerging needs.

We encourage the use of journaling as part of the program. In your journal,  you can start the day’s entry with a written affirmation. There is immense  power in the written word! When you write in your journal, you are writing  about ​yourself, and you are writing ​to ​yourself. You are your greatest teacher;  so use the journaling tool to write your affirmations and goals down daily. If  you want to repeat affirmations as a mantra to get into meditation, that is also effective.

Q: Will I feel anything?

A: ​Some people are aware of physical sensations in their brain when they  meditate, others are not. Don’t worry about what you feel or don’t feel. Many  times, what you expect to happen, will happen - it’s a proven fact that  scientists can influence the results of an experiment with the energy of their  own expectations! If you expect to feel something, you probably will; if you  expect to feel nothing, you probably won’t. But even that is a general  guideline.

The best thing you can do is to let whatever happens, happen. ​Just observe​.

If you feel a physical sensation or even a shift in your emotions, it’s because of  heightened awareness. When you’re awake, your brain constantly cycles in  and out of the various brainwave states, sometimes for microseconds,  sometimes for longer.

When you’re busy doing things, you are usually not aware of any physical  sensations in the brain as its activity levels fluctuate. But when you meditate,  you have less distractions, and it’s easier to become aware of any subtle  sensations in your brain and body. This is why many people believe that these  sensations only happen during meditation, when in fact they’re happening all  the time - you’re just not aware of them when you’re busy.

Meditation has a funny way of distorting your perception of time and space, of  relaxing you so deeply that you lose awareness of your physical body. This is a  very interesting experience! You may ‘feel’ an inter-connectedness with  everything. You may perceive yourself as nothing but energy. Or, you may be  very aware of the your leg having gone to sleep... what’s important is that  you’re developing your awareness.

Q: When will I feel the effects?

A: ​Many users feel the effects almost immediately; most feel something within  the first few days. That “something” can be a greater sense of calm focus  throughout the day, mental clarity, creativity, inner peace and well-being.

You may feel nothing initially, but that is probably because you aren’t  accustomed to being highly attuned and aware of what is going on inside you.  Don’t worry about it! With practice you will hone this skill. Awareness will supercharge your physical and non-physical senses and accelerate your  personal and spiritual growth.

Change is rarely linear. You may, or may not, notice a gradual improvement in  your overall sense of well-being and happiness but the improvement could  also be perceived as spontaneous. Some people report waking up one day  realising they’ve been inexplicably happy for a long time even when things  aren’t going according to plan. Others experience moments of exuberance  and joy that become more and more frequent. Others feel a sense of calm and  control.

But don’t compare your results or experiences to those of any other person.  Meditation is a journey within, to a unique you-scape of beliefs, experiences,  patterns, desires, and so forth.

A journal is a wonderful place to securely and privately chronicle your  perceptions and experiences. As you re-read your journal entries at a later  date, you will be astounded at the insights and breakthroughs you’ve made  and the awakening you’re undergoing.

Our wonderful global member community is a place to share and inspire  others with your triumphs large and small - and a place to be inspired by the  awakening that others experience.