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How Does Brainwave Entrainment Work?

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla"

Brainwave entrainment is a safe, scientifically proven method of producing a desired state of being by synchronising brain activity (measured in brain waves via an EEG) to a specific frequency from an audio or visual stimulus.

Specific brainwave frequencies correspond to specific states of consciousness - awake/alert (beta), relaxed/meditative (alpha), light dreaming sleep (theta), and deep restorative sleep (delta).

The concept is nothing new. Brainwave entrainment has been used for thousands of years. Ancient civilisations used the hypnotic effects of rhythmic chanting and drumming to elicit a trance-like state in listeners.

Anyone who has been to a dance club knows how quickly the rhythmic beat makes them move to the rhythm. This phenomenon, known as the frequency following response, means the brain can be entrained to the same brainwave frequencies that it naturally produces during deep relaxation, meditation and sleep.

Stress and Brainwave Entrainment

During the normal waking state, the brain functions at the beta frequency, characterised by alertness and logical thought. The beta brainwave state is dominated by the sympathetic nervous system - it is also the state of consciousness where stress exists.

But when the brain’s activity slows and relaxes into the alpha, theta and delta frequencies, stress disappears and the parasympathetic nervous system dominates.

Within the range of brainwave frequencies associated with meditation, you can experience benefits such as:

  • Stress relief
  • Enhanced intuition and creativity

Since the discovery that brain waves entrain to outside stimuli, many scientific studies and clinical trials have proven that brainwave entrainment is a useful tool in treating psychological disorders and enhancing the meditative experience.

The discovery that the brain could be entrained into meditation is very exciting because it means anybody who has had trouble meditating, can now use brainwave entrainment to meditate without spending years or even decades learning how to master meditation.

How Does Brainwave Entrainment Work?

If a tuning fork is struck and brought close to a musical instrument, the strings on the musical instrument will begin to vibrate at the same frequency. In this case, the tuning fork is the entrainment technology, and the instrument is the brain.

Not Just Any Beat

The original brainwave entrainment audio technology used binaural beats. Binaural beats are very effective at creating whole brain synchronisation - that is, syncing the activity in both right and left brain hemispheres.

Binaural beats are produced when two slightly different frequencies and amplitudes are sent through headphones into each ear and the brain’s olivary body combines the two different frequencies into one distinct tone or frequency.

Binaural technology is only effective when used with headphones that allow the differing sounds to be specifically directed into each ear; this is impossible over open speakers.

The limitations of binaural beat technology have been overcome through the advancement of brainwave entrainment technology, with the addition of monaural beats and isochronic tones in an entrainment matrix.

Each type of tone used in the entrainment matrix has unique qualities and benefits; the complete package of 3 is the most effective, offers the greatest flexibility of use (headphones become optional) and offers the greatest listener benefits.

Monaural beats result from combining two tones of slightly different frequencies and the same amplitude, before the sound reaches the ears; some research indicates that monaurals are more effective at entrainment than binaurals.

Isochronic tones use a single tone that is pulsed on and off in a precise pattern. This is believed to be the most effective entrainment tone.

Both monaural and isochronic tones can be listened to without headphones, over open speakers. This gives the listener the freedom to move about or relax without being tied to headphones.

Current research concludes that a combination of all three entrainment technologies combined in a single entrainment matrix delivers the most optimal brainwave entrainment.


Brainwave entrainment that employs these three entrainment technologies is further enhanced with the science of cymatics, or “whole body listening.” If you’ve ever felt a sound in your whole body, you know what whole body listening is.

Although the ears are the primary auditory mechanism in the body, the entire body picks up sound wavelengths in the air. The combination of Isochronic tones and Monaural beats and the cymatic resonance of open-air listening impacts the entire body.

60 Beats Per Minute Heart Rhythm

Researchers have discovered that the human brain is particularly attuned to the calming effects of a steady heartbeat. It’s the first rhythm in our lives - ever since we were in the womb and first heard and felt our mothers’ heartbeats… and as newborns, cradled in our mothers’ arms.

InnaPeace embeds heart rhythm into the meditation soundtracks, at a steady, relaxing 60 beats per minute. Combined with the technology-driven entrainment (binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones), the heart rhythm helps create a fast and deep entrainment experience.

What Will Brainwave Entrainment Do For Me?

Brainwave entrainment is used to achieve deep meditation states, relaxation, stress relief, enhanced intuition and creativity, personal growth, pain management, increasing intelligence, and improving sleep - and much more!

During meditation, you enter an altered state of consciousness often called “mind awake/body asleep” - or hypnagogia. This state is difficult to enter and even more difficult to maintain using traditional meditation techniques because in focusing on the breath, or repeating mantras, you are still “doing” and therefore you remain in an alert beta state for a longer period of time.

Brainwave entrainment takes you into the mind awake/body asleep state without any special skills or disciplines so you can enjoy the benefits of meditation quickly and effortlessly.

Benefits You Get With Entrainment That You Can’t Get Otherwise

Your brain can be entrained to additional frequencies that have very special qualities. The 7.83 Hz frequency is known as the Schumann Resonance. This is the frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

Since harmful radiation from electronic equipment (EMF emissions) interferes with this frequency, many scientists believe that health issues resulting from electronic interference can be mitigated by exposure to the Earth’s natural frequency.

It is nearly impossible to duplicate and maintain this frequency in the brain without entrainment. The other important frequency that can be achieved through brainwave entrainment is the 40 Hz frequency.

The 40 Hz frequency is the mystical Gamma brainwave state associated with experiences of ecstasy, Oneness, Samadhi or Nirvana. People who have spent a lifetime practicing meditation can achieve this state; but without brainwave entrainment, the rest of us will find it elusive.

The Gamma frequency cannot be experienced with binaural beat technology alone; this is only possible when using Monaural beats or Isochronic tones.

The Short Story

The InnaPeace Brainwave entrainment experience   is the gateway to a deep meditative state. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of mother Earth's Schumann frequency. It offers you the unique benefits of the elusive Gamma frequency. It makes meditation all stages of meditation accessible to people who want to meditate but don’t know how, or want to experience its benefits but don’t want to struggle with the learning curve.

The InnaPeace Experience ( $97 monthly for 8 months)

The 8 month InnaPeace meditation experience including: 8 InnaPeace meditations delivered monthly, Instant Creativity, Effortless Learning, Schumann Protection kit, Tesla Terra Tone, Rife Healing Tones plus unlimited InnaPeace coach access.


To a simpler more fulfilling life,

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